Book Repair Tape

Book Repair Tape

Book Repair Tapes Supplies

To keep your library running smoothly, librarians know that it’s wise to keep a variety of book repair tapes on hand. We have all kinds of book tapes that a librarian or book lover needs – from tapes for general repair, affixing loose pages, mending torn pages, and reinforcing book spines to repairing of broken book hinges. Choosing the right repair tape will save you both time and money. Promatech is your one-stop shop for book tapes, glues, pastes, and more!
High quality Acid-free adhesive book tapes is easy to use. Exclusive Peel' n Place centering strip design makes repairs easier.
These are the Librarian's Choice products.
Select from the range of repair tapes below:

Select Repair Tape for target repair
Target area of repair Repair Tape 
General book repair Easy Bind Tape, eg: EB0125 or EB0250
Book Spine Repair Easy Bind II Tape, eg: EB2/2G, EB2/3G, EB2/4G
Book Hinge Repair Tyvek tape eg: EBTY0125
Book Corner Repair Easy Corner repair tape CC/2000
Magazine Pamphlet repair Easy Hold Repair Tape EH0325
Book Spine Repair Easy Wings Repair Tape EW/1000



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